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Bags never go out of fashion. But the style of bags we favor changes with our needs and the seasons. For example, clutches and pochette styles fell out of favor in 2020 and 2021 because we didn’t have a need for tiny night-out bags. Meanwhile, we’ve seen a resurgence in larger bags and backpacks in the past years as a hybrid working has us carrying laptops around. Here is the next evolution of bag trends and the styles you need to know for 2022.

Backpacks are back:

Once upon a time, backpacks were solely for the school playground and hiking trips. But this certainly isn’t the case anymore. Forget the shapeless rucksacks we shoved our textbook into and ugly-but-practical rambler’s backup that elasticated pockets for water bottles and maps. Today's backup is streamlined, stylish, and desirable. Indeed, backpacks have had a makeover, with characterful prints and a more structured shape for added style. You choose from larger packs that can fit in all your rudiments for a day trip out with kiddies, or a more compact style for work or when you want to travel light. Lower structured packs work well with smarter outfits, whereas, relaxed styles look great with a more laid-aft look. Why not add some personality and fun to your everyday wear and tear by adding a pack in your favorite print?






     Bucket bags:



One for the bucket list this time is indeed the bucket bag. The classic figure made several appearances on the runways and it’s as practical as it's sharp. Despite its further compact appearance, utmost bucket bags are actually enough inside making them perfect day-to-night bags. For smarter aesthetics, go for the ultramodern structured styles of American apparel brand, Michael Kors in elegant, neutral tinges, for a more laid-aft vibe look to retro-inspired slouchier outlines.








Party bags:

The runways were awash with statement party bags that transuded gaudiness and glamor. From stretched rocks to the metallic homestretch, we’re no longer saving these showstoppers for stylish, but rather elevating the everyday. “The party bags you brought either this Christmas or last is no longer just for bests. Add your feather, sequin, or sparkle accessory to everyday outfits for a style disaccord fit for a queen,” says Karen. An ideal choice for what to wear to a marriage season, it’s time to bring back the sparkle.

Supersize totes:


Go big or go home is the case with this handbag trend. However, also you’re in luck, the supersize bag is back on the fashion docket so you’ll be suitable to store all the rudiments if you do not like to travel smoothly. Chanel kept it simple with their hand black packing and developer totem, whilst Proenza Schouler played with summer textures with its orange braided bag. Take note and look for quilted totes, woven shoppers, and handbasket bags for added interest.

                                                                         Circular silhouettes:

Another notable figure on the catwalks was twisted lines, from crescent shape to half-moon, this is really the shape of the season. Cool and contemporary, this 90’s inspired design will add instant polish to any outfit. The clean lines and smooth surface make it a go-to for the minimalists amongst us especially if you stick to a pruned-back palette. Take it to the office and platoon with satiny, acclimatized separates or one of the stylish shirts dressed for an incontinently dressed-up look.


Crochet texture:

Crochet is a huge handbag trend in 2022. A surefire way to add instant summer feels to your look, this bohemian style has got us featuring carnivals and sand days. With rainbow colors and fun fringing, it’s bold and miscellaneous with an a'70s twist as seen on the Acne and Chloe catwalks. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and wear with denim cut-offs or your stylish mama jeans, letting the bag take center stage.



Structured bags:

Severity is the name of the game then. largely structured and generally square or blockish, this trend is one for the minimalists. Pradias're-edition of their 1995 tote in bold red incontinently won hearts and told this trend alongside structured duplications from Coach, Versace, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, and Hermès, all of whom have made easing back to the office in style a little further fashion- forward this season.

       Slouchy bags:

In total discrepancy to the structured bag trend, contrivers also went each- by on lovely squishy, slouchy bags. The kind of bags that will expand to consume all your diurnal rudiments, while they'll also collapse in on themselves when not filled to the brim, making them ideal for work and traveling.

Mini bags:


Mini bags continue to be big news. While on one end of the diapason we are seeing catch-all, XL totes, at the other end of the scale, fashion is embracing bitsy bags that carry little further than your phone, lippy, and a bag. Made for partying, or carrying alongside an XL tote, simply as a lovely piece of arm delicacy, mini bags were spotted on the runway at the spring/ summer 2022 shows of Versace, Christian Dior, and Coach.

Whipstitched bags:


whip stitching made an impact on the runway adding new luxurious detailing to classic handbag details. While this trend has substantially been seen at further high-end retailers due to the increased cost of redundant stitching, there are some straight-to-request duplications of the trend. Giving accessories a more artisan sense, look out for discrepancy stitching to really make this trend stand out.









Clutch bags:


While clutch bags used to be reserved for evening wear and tear, there has been a definite shift towards further' anytime' clutch bags. Chanel, Loewe, and Hermès all decided on styles that fit into the model's triumphs for an unfussy way to accessorize. From satiny and slouchy leather duplications to further defined box bag styles, if you've invested in any of the stylish packs for work but still want your valuables to hand, this is a good option.

Colorful bags:


When it comes to rainbow tinges, 2022 is leading from the front. Embracing bright colors is a trend we have seen in cornucopia when it comes to apparel and it has strained its way into spring bag trends too. When it comes to various bags, we are talking about everything from enough aquarelles to bold knock-eschewal tones that will refresh any classic jeans and tee look. And if you've always nestled down from color due to fear of not knowing what color suits me, adding a bold accessory is an easy way to try new ideas.